Todd Lynn Portrait






Portrait by Barbara Spegne


Todd Lynn takes centre stage, stepping out from behind the scenes where he has been quietly creating wardrobe for the music industry's elite. He is Rock and Roll's best kept secret.His clients include: U2 - Bono and Adam Clayton; The Rolling Stones - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood; Marilyn Manson; Soft Cell’s Marc Almond; Courtney Love and P.J. Harvey.

Todd Lynn launched his much anticipated eponymous menswear collection in London to press and buyers in September 2006.
His collection embodies the easy, dark and beautiful rock and roll cool that his music industry heavy hitters have long appreciated. The collection incorporates the hybrid fusion of perfect tailoring and
casual deconstruction.

Once the sole domain of his celebrity bespoke clientele, now the world-at-large can access the Todd Lynn aesthetic.

The style conscious and the Rock and Roll fan alike can get their hands on the goods at the world's top fashion retailers.